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SECOH was founded in 1965 by Sister Agnes Jerome Murphy of the order of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Originally one of the first private, non-profit schools for children with special needs on Oahu, SECOH used progressive teaching methods to educate children with disabilities.


As public schools increased their capacity to educate children with special needs, SECOH gradually transitioned its services to include people with disabilities of all ages living on the island of Oahu.

Today, in the spirit of enriching lives, SECOH provides a wide range of personalized services to people with disabilities of all ages. SECOH works collaboratively with customers, families, and other professionals to design and implement service and support plans that meet the needs and desires of its customers. 

As SECOH continues to nurture people with disabilities, SECOH envisions communities in which all people are valued and treated with dignity and respect.  As advocates for people with disabilities, SECOH will always support them to be acknowledged as equal citizens and to enjoy full membership in their communities.

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